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Check the most popular notice on McFLY world on this week: the break-up of Dougie and Francesca.

Frankie Saturday ‘heartbroken’ after split with Dougie McFly

Frankie Sandford from The Saturdays is reported to be “heartbroken” following her split from teen heartthrob Dougie Poynter of McFly.

It seems Dougie used the old “work commitments” excuse just when 21-year-old Frankie thought she had found true love.

A source told the Mirror: “Frankie is so upset. She had moved in with Dougie and thought their romance was for keeps.

“She is heartbroken after they split because of work commitments. They are both still friends.”

Not so friendly, though, are those feisty McFly fans.

So not only is Frankie dealing with a break-up but she has also been regularly abused by internet users over reports that she had been cosying up to Calum Best.

And now yet another celebrity has left the Twitter ranks.

Frankie tweeted: “I’m sorry to say but I’m taking a break from Twitter for a while. The abuse following untrue stories is just too much to take.”

Still, it could have been worse… she could have actually hooked up with Calum Best.

“I wish I could bubblewrap my heart…”  

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