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After a few days off to our team relax during the holidays, the Wonderland is coming back with all the updates of the latest news.
So to not waste time, are presented below the main news that came out last week:

Danny Jones has been confirmed to participate in a new reality show in England. ‘ Popstar To Operastar ‘ is a program where, as the name implies, the stars of British pop music will compete with each other to see who will become an opera star.
Alex James (Blur), Bernie Nolan, Darius Danesh, Marcella Detroit (Shakespeare’s Sister), Jimmy Osmond and Vanessa White (The Saturday) are also among the participants.

They will be trained to sing songs from famous operas – some even in other languages – and will be judged for their efforts week by rock legend Meat Loaf. In addition, Katherine Jenkins and tenor Rolando Villazon, will be the mentors of these musicians.

The program will be aired on January 15 on ITV1.

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:: Scans & Interviews:
This month came a few new interviews with the band, mostly as the band was in Spain. Below you can check the scans. Soon the traslations.

>> Must MagazinePhotoshoot
>> Capricho (interview with Danny)Scan
>> Bravo!MagazineScan
>> Top Music Magazine & CineScan
>> Star 2Scans
>> Super PopScans

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On December 25 the Spanish MTV aired a short video with Tom, Danny and Dougie (Apparently Harry was sick and therefore did not attend), where they wish a Merry Christmas and choose the best video of 2009.

And the program ‘ Los 40 Principales ‘ was displayed another interview with them.

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